Monday, October 11, 2010

Heil Portland!

My little northwest haven for liberal thought has apparently shown itself to be tolerant of at least one nazi sympathizer, police captain Mark Kruger.

The wheels were set in to motion in 2002 by Alan Graf, the Hippie Lawyer to investigate the allegations that Kruger had put up in a park memorial plaques to nazis Shows what can happen if you keep talking loudly enough for long enough. (Of note is that Graf's Jewish grandparents were murdered in nazi concentration camps during WWII.) Thanks to Rev. Chuck Currie, Graf (who no longer resides in Portland), and Dan Handleman of Copwatch for keeping this in the public eye.

Read a more complete story on Oregonlive's website.

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Eugene said...

I heard this on the news on the way home yesterday. They mentioned something of the city attorney keeping this case under wraps, and that Kruger often used excessive force in his arrests as well.

Thank you, Shusli, and Alan, and Dan, for keeping up on this cover-up.